Chiffon Luxe

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We've restocked our popular Chiffon Luxe in 10 colors!

Our Chiffon Luxe is our heaviest chiffon shawl but don't panic! The weight helps to create a beautiful drape and it does not feel heavy when worn. It is a textured shawl that requires minimal to no ironing and is wrinkle-free! All our chiffon shawls are easy to style and flows beautifully when worn! Plus point? High opacity to almost opaque for darker colors! 

Remember when we said it was minimal ironing? After wash, you can can get away with not ironing it for the darker colors hehehe! 

🌸 Opacity Level: Almost opaque for darker colors
🌼 Measurement: 180cm by 70cm

Model is wearing Salmon - there might be slight color discrepancies due to indoor lighting.

Photos are taken under natural lighting without additional filters added. We've tried our best to depict the true colors of the product but colors might not be 100% accurate.


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