Chiffon Crinkle

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Lightweight and require minimal ironing, this is the perfect shawl for a beginner as it flows nicely regardless of how you style it ✌🏻

Lilit twice, opacity is good, not an issue 🥰

🌸 Opacity Level: 75% - almost opaque if wrapped twice 
🌼 Measurement: 180cm by 70cm

Model is wearing Chiffon Crinkle in Space

Please take note
We encountered some miscalculations during production and we had a shortage of our labels and instead of delaying the shipment, we decided to proceed with this batch of Chiffon Crinkle without our metal tags hence, we will be selling it at a slightly reduced price to compensate the missing metal tag.

Photos are taken under natural lighting without additional filters added. We've tried our best to depict the true colors of the product but colors might not be 100% accurate.


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